August 18, 2009

Body Wash Review

I have tried a number of body showers available in Delhi, and I recently decided my favorite. And hence, the decision to update the blog :)

Among the current bottles stacked in my bathroom, let's start from the bottom up:
Fiama Di Wills Clear Springs Shower Gel: It claims to contain jojoba beads, sea weed and lemongrass extracts. I didn't friggin feel a thing! Although it's priced similar to the other brands available in the market, you would need an exceptionally large amount for the loofah to lather, and I really like a good lathered up loofah to scrub all over! Turns out quite expensive for a person like me. You would probably need to use as much as used by the model in this ad. I somehow don't feel too fresh after this, and I'm struggling to finish this bottle. A complete waste according to me. Oh but you do get a loofah free!

Fa Shower Gel Everyone loves showers that keep them perked up for the rest of the day and are completely rejuvenating. Fa is a great body wash, and doesn't leave your skin dry. Initially my skin felt a little soapy after a shower, but eventually I got around to that feeling. It's very thick, and also lathers quite easily. Must give it a try!

The unexpected favorite came a few days back, when I ran out of Fa body wash, and in a hurry purchased the Lux Uplifting Firm Body Wash. I have always been a little biased against Lux, as once as a kid I read somewhere that Lux was a good substitute for Lifebuoy!! I was flabbergasted, as I always used the Lux soap as a kid (Bollywood actresses and their influence, u know the rest!). I had never used Lux after that, until ofcourse this Saturday. May I just say how impressed I am with this product!!!

You have to pour just a tiny drop on the loofah, and it lathers up so very well and turns out very economical. My skin felt soft and moisturised after the bath. It doesn't have a strong smell, and you don't notice it at all. I think it's a must try. It claims to contain collagen, and stimulating Mediterranean sea minerals, which when massaged on the skin, leave it smooth and firm. Smooth - oh yes, Firm - I am not quite sure if this bit is working out yet, but as compared to the others, I really like this one! And you get a loofah free here as well ;)

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