March 10, 2009

The unending problem

I absolutely totally most definitely HATE exercising!! Thankfully I do have a good control over what I eat...umm well on most occasions! Here's what goes 'in' on an average day:
  • A glass of milk with 1 teaspoon sugar and 2-3 teaspoons Bournvita in the morning
  • Some fruit before lunch
  • Lunch - 2 rotis, dal, subzi and curd (all oil free) - I hate lunch hours cuz inevitably I end up eating something off somebody elses plate or on many occasions sharing a chocolate, or maggi....
  • I keep drinking a lot of water till dinner time and usually don't snack in between
  • If I am not going out, then it's a simple dinner at home similar to lunch.

Summers are here, and so is the time for swimming, shorts and skirts!! Back to the basic question - what do you guys suggest I should do to cut calories and lose weight without exercising?!

March 9, 2009

Need a new bag

I have been desperate for a new bag for casual wear for long now...Don't have too many options. I don't want to go the standard DaMilano /Hidesign route - I feel they're too much for 30+ women. There's Puma as well, but they're too casual to carry to work even on Fridays. Have checked out Guess as well and there was just too much bling on them. I want a simple large tote, preferably in black.

There's a shop in South Ex selling really great bags (I'm forgetting the store name) but they're slightly more expensive than my budget would allow.

Any suggestions?!

March 8, 2009

Casual sunday shopping

I spent a lazy sunday today, and did nothing worthwhile except for these -
  • These flats which are so colorful and perfect for summers. Though I've never liked any Liberty footwear, I instantly liked this one at a mall. At only Rs. 399, they're perfect for casual summer and are incredibly comfortable (I think that was more attractive than the looks)

  • 'Shy Rose' nailpaint from Color Bar at only Rs. 35 - a shocking red color - again my first time buying any color bar product. This is very smooth to apply and is looking reallly good :) It's not so quick to dry though....took me longer than usual

It's good to find stuff so cheap :)

Cashmere Mafia

I watch a lot of TV - it's my stress buster. Some of the shows I watch are purely for their style quotient (Gossip Girl, SATC, The OC, Cashmere Mafia....the list is endless). I wouldn't comment on SATC - though it happens to be my favorite - simply cuz it's been discussed endlessly by everyone!
There's a show on AXN - Cashmere Mafia and though I think the show itself is a drab, I really like how impeccably dressed these women are! They wear clothes which any woman in the corporate world would love to wear and there isn't anyone dressing up like Sarah Jessica Parker (how wild was her dressing on SATC!!!) The show only ran for one season in the US and there are only 7 episodes in all.


If only I could wear such clothes all the time ....sigh..

My very first post

As a tribute to my favorite blogger, I'll start with what she started with - Beauty Products.
I'm a total junkie when it comes to testing the latest products in market, however once something suits me very well, I refrain from changing the brand. The one product that has suited me really well over the years is L'Oreal White Perfect Re-Lighting Whitening Toner.
I use it twice daily and the bottle I had earlier (I guess it was a 500 ml one) lasted me a more than a year. Somehow I feel this toner had a big hand in me getting rid of my pimples forever (Pimple free since 2007 :)) My skin feels very fresh after its use and I just bought a new bottle but sadly they only have a 350 ml one now.

I had earlier tried the Ayur Toner (sucks big time - it contains a higher percentage of alcohol and is too strong on the skin) and the Lakme one (is just about average).
L'Oreal beats the others hands down in this category!

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