April 28, 2009

Got it!

Finally!! Luck must have been by my side this weekend, when I finally spotted the perfect bag for my needs. Not formal, yet not too casual, a big black shoulder bag.

I found this suede bag with metallic detailing at AG's, a shop exlusively selling women's handbags in South Ex Market. Though a little pricey at Rs. 2400, the quality of suede is really nice. It's big enough to hold the numerous things I always carry, yet not bulky. It wears very well on my shoulder. With multiple zippers inside, and a sturdy lining (don't know what material), I think this one is going to last me a long time :)

April 20, 2009

Beer, Food, and IPL

Finally after nearly a month of being at home/office only, I went out yesterday for the IPL match between Delhi Daredevils and Kings XI Punjab. My friends and I decided to meet up at All Sports Bar in Connaught Place. Located right next to Regal Cinema on the main, it is easily accessible. They provide free valet parking as well, but I didn't know that till I entered inside.

There's a Rs. 500 cover charge, and we got coupons worth as much in return. The bar is spread over two floors, with a mix of bar stands, bean bag, booth and stadium seating. The place was packed when we arrived, but we got a booth in no time. The good thing about the place is that each booth has got its own TV and you can't miss a single ball with all the TV screens around. There isn't much to the decor besides these TVs. The booth, we were in, could easily seat six people I think (we were only 3) and was quite comfortable. I got caught up in the enthusiasm of the crowd, with drum beats, whistles and the soft rock playing each time the ads came on. I wouldn't have enjoyed the music had I just been out enjoying a conversation with friends, but since the tempo was high, the music matched the mood perfectly!

I couldn't wait to join the crowd and just grabbed the menu to ensure my dosage to get happy high ;) Which brings me to the menu - It was a pamphlet of the sorts you recieve daily in the newspaper from random neighbourhood dhabas. If this was an IPL special menu, it would still be okay, but if it's the case always, they sure need to upgrade! There was hardly anything in the food menu, a few items of both veg and non-veg, which too were overpriced. As for the drinks menu, again very limited. For us it was good cuz we all wanted beer and were not hungry, but the whiskey regulars would sure be disappointed. For us, it turned out to be a good deal, as we ordered the bucket of 10 pints. Saved us few coupons for something that was 300 or less. Our first order was the Fosters bucket for Rs. 1200, and Chicken Tikka for Rs. 275. The taste was good, and there were around 5-6 tikkas in the serving. We never got around to the second round as the rain washed away the match, but nevertheless.

I had a fun evening, and would definitely visit the place a second time around.

PS - I missed checking out the the foosball and pool table there this time
PPS - There was a very strange painting of a black man in the wash room there! I still can't figure out why it was there in the first place ;)

April 4, 2009

Bad Hair Day

One thing very typically me, is my obsession with my hair.

I have medium length frizzy but mostly straight hair, which are naturally black. I got them colored a shade of copper last year, after a lot of thinking from Keune Parlor in GK M-Block Market. Since I paid nearly 5k for that whole thing, I was expecting way better results than what I got. But I was nevertheless happy that time (Not ecstatic!!!)

But eventually my worst fears came true. My hair has lost it's natural shine, it's rough and unmanageable. It's got a mind of its own now, and I certainly don't like that.

I tried a number of products ever since, and only a few of them really work. Here are my picks -
  • L'Oreal Elvive Anti-Breakage Nutri-Repair Masque - I use it twice a month, as advised by a make-up artist friend and it immediately softens my hair and I can definitely see an improvement since I started using it. Thanks M! (tip - leave it on for around 3 minutes for better results)
  • Schwarzkopf Supersoft Smoothie Yoghurt Red Berries Shampoo and Conditioner - My sister got it for me from London, and it's worked like a dream. I'm waiting for her to make her next trip here :) (The pic below shows the entire Supersoft Smoothie range, but I have the pink & red bottles)

It's raining gold

Bought a really funky pair of gold sandals....they're funky because of the way they tie up...there's a zip at the back, running from your heel till slightly above the ankle, and kinda like gladiators, they tie up above your ankles. The toes are quite normal, but i wore it with a denim skirt the other day, and sure enough, got a lot of compliments ;)
I wore them before even clicking a picture, but will update this post with a pic really soon.

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