March 8, 2009

Cashmere Mafia

I watch a lot of TV - it's my stress buster. Some of the shows I watch are purely for their style quotient (Gossip Girl, SATC, The OC, Cashmere Mafia....the list is endless). I wouldn't comment on SATC - though it happens to be my favorite - simply cuz it's been discussed endlessly by everyone!
There's a show on AXN - Cashmere Mafia and though I think the show itself is a drab, I really like how impeccably dressed these women are! They wear clothes which any woman in the corporate world would love to wear and there isn't anyone dressing up like Sarah Jessica Parker (how wild was her dressing on SATC!!!) The show only ran for one season in the US and there are only 7 episodes in all.


If only I could wear such clothes all the time ....sigh..

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