May 8, 2009

Back to Basics

Spent my day with my BFFs and did a li'l bit of that random shopping, we all love to do!

This Marks & Spencer top looked great, and surprisingly even my muffin top isn't visible ;)! And though I'm a UK size 8, this one fit me in size 14 :(. I saw the mannequin wearing this one and I was shocked to find it had a size 12 on!

This top from Promod is the first white tee purchase for this season. Every year, I end up buying atleast 2-3 basic white and black tees. I have a stack full of them, and it's ever expanding!!!

Got a few more tees - a yellow one from S.Oliver, another green one from M&S...Well I spent around 6k on tees alone :)

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