June 16, 2009

Keep it Clean...

...your face that is. I always wash my face atleast twice a day. Which face wash do you use, among the current crop available in the Indian market?

I have really really oily skin, and so have to ensure the face wash does not give me any eruptions when I least want them.

I regularly use the Garnier Deep Pore Face Wash. For a face as oily as mine, it works so well, an amount greater than usual almost works like a scrub. Just a drop and it lathers all over the face, and I instantly feel like all the Delhi I was carrying on my face was never there :) If you haven't tried it already, give it a shot. I think it even suits the ones with dry skin (my sis has extremely dry skin and she's also using it regularly).

My other regular face wash is the Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Wash. Again meant for those with excess oil, it is much softer and easy on the skin as compared to the Garnier face wash, and considering how inexpensive it is(MRP - Less than Rs. 100 - don't remember the exact amount), it's great value for money.

I recently got the Nivea Visage Purifying Water Cleansing Gel (MRP - Rs. 149) free on paying a bill at an Easy Bill Outlet. It contains these micro-scrubs which are supposed to 'deeply purify and remove excess oil'. It's working well, though I'm still not using it regularly. The Nivea patent fragrance is much more subdued as well, atleast for me that's a huge plus.

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  1. I used to love that strawberry face wash from Lakme...

    But my fav is Clinique. Can't go wrong with it!




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