July 5, 2009

Fab India

I wear a lot of Indian clothes to office because:
a) the people in my office are extremely conservative dressers
b) I walk around a lot in office, and I don't have to wear heels with them

So the other day, when we went to watch a movie, I bought these 2 lovely kurtas from Fab India

The mistake that happened was I bought one in size XS, and the other in S! I didn't realise it till after I had already cut the tag of the one in size S!! I still wore it, and consoled myself with 'wow its airy' ;) (well, it doesn't look that oversized - maybe cuz of all the binging I talked about here)

As with all suits, paired with some chunky earrings, and nice flats, they look great.

I'm also trying to go 'green' in my lifestyle to the extent possible.

While browsing through the store, when I noticed how every product in the store says that FI is against Animal Testing, I decided to buy some of them

Lemon Intensive Hand Cream: I've tried the hand cream and it is excellent...Unlike other moisturisers where your hand either gets too sticky or dries up very quickly, so far with the cream, my hands stay soft until the next wash - which I tend to do very often (Rs. 125)

Aloe Vera Protein Shampoo: I'm yet to try the shampoo - will update once I do (Rs. 200)


  1. check these out pretty similar designs

  2. Am so proud to be the one to post such a comment.My boyfriend is Asian everytime he is coming back from Asia,he buys me gifts.This time round he bought me one of the best KURTAS from Fabindia.He is such a darling!Mwuaah



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