March 9, 2009

Need a new bag

I have been desperate for a new bag for casual wear for long now...Don't have too many options. I don't want to go the standard DaMilano /Hidesign route - I feel they're too much for 30+ women. There's Puma as well, but they're too casual to carry to work even on Fridays. Have checked out Guess as well and there was just too much bling on them. I want a simple large tote, preferably in black.

There's a shop in South Ex selling really great bags (I'm forgetting the store name) but they're slightly more expensive than my budget would allow.

Any suggestions?!

1 comment:

  1. Heyy!! ...u still lookin for a bag???
    a lil piece of advice..The right bag does not only depend on one's age but also on ur style and body structure..So if ur tall n slim, a BIGGG bag will suit u and vice versa..
    btw im 23 (<30+) n ive had a hidesign for 2 yrs..think theyve also com up with a new collection…check it out ...
    bye n good luck VG :-)



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